imagination is the voice of daring

the world wants to be deceived

the world wants to be deceived is a solo exhibition
by heidewinne at concertgebouw brugge ,
in collaboration with de invasie .
the world wants to be deceived is inspired by the work of
the islandic margrét sara gudjónsdóttir.
in her performance, she seeks the disguises people you in
the social wilderness.
but can you match these disguises to what fashion and
jewellery mean to you?
as a jewellery designer, heidewinne researched what these
disguises mean within our society.
which reactions do small or bigger changes to the body create?
why do we choose a certain kind of disguise?
why do we highlight certain parts of our look or why do
we decide to hide some?
with jewellery, fashion, accessories, materials,
we also try to create our own identity.
if this identity is ready to meet the contemporary game
of clashing identities is up to you to decide:
heidewinne's and margrét sara gudjónsdóttir only help you.

from october 1st until the end of december.