imagination is the voice of daring


with basics heidewinne returns to nature and her love for a real base material.
she worked for years in a hat studio and transformed this experience, along with her - subtle morbid - 
obsession for stuffed animals into a series of objects that seem to drift into your house. 

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Heidewinne vos fox hare
the basics are a series of animals made of structural materials used in millinery.
 deers, lambs, a fetus of a pig, a hare and a fox: thanks to the lightness and the transparency of the material
 every animal seems to float around.
 heidewinne is capable of bringing beauty, nature, dreams and death together with this collection.

heidewinnelamrozegoud heidewinnevos heidewinnelamrood 

heidewinnebigwit heidewinnehert heidewinnebigroze
100% handmade in belgium - all items come numbered and signed.